Why India is choosing Serviced Offices over conventional office spaces

By Praveen Prabhat Peter

Covid has changed the way we work and has introduced a hybrid model with a mix of Work From Home and Work From Office. Organizations are now looking to find office spaces which are flexible and support their Hybrid working model. People now want to work from a place which is closer to their home and avoid long distance travel which can expose them to public. Businesses want an asset light office and do not wish to invest huge amount on their office fixtures and fittings due to the uncertainty and ambiguity that Covid introduced to us. They want space provider to provide them office on demand which should also fall well under their budget.

Serviced offices offer flexible amenities customized for every organization’s need, be it long-term or short-term. There are multiple benefits of choosing a serviced office over a conventional office space. They enable businesses to focus on their job and remove overhead costs. Choosing a serviced office ensures less stress, no hidden costs and a professional work set up with state-of-the-art equipment and resources. Most shared spaces give organizations the flexibility of choosing a specific number of seats for a particular time period, enabling them to have more control over their spending. Serviced offices are usually located in the best business hubs of cities, and there are always a variety of options available to suit one’s needs and budget.

Now that major corporations have realized the benefits of a co-working office, the trend looks set to grow. Here are a few reasons why corporates are moving to Co-working space.

  1. Cost Effective: When an organization opts for a serviced office, they get the advantage of a single bill, which includes the rent, electricity, maintenance and all other charges. It makes accounting and bookkeeping easier and there are no hidden costs.
  2. Flexible Spaces: Serviced offices give organizations the flexibility of choosing the amount of space they will need for a particular time period, and they can expand or downsize according to the requirements of the business.
  3. Networking: Serviced offices give organizations and individuals the opportunity to mingle and network with professionals from diverse fields, since there are many businesses and professionals working under the same roof.
  4. Prominent office Address: Serviced offices are usually located in prime business locations which are easily accessible, enabling businesses to reach out easily to their clients.
  5. Inspiring and Innovative: Serviced offices offer customized spaces for your business which are designed to inspire an innovative mindset. Working with professionals from diverse fields under one roof also gives you the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate and get inspired by the talent around you.
  6. Tech-Enabled: Today’s serviced offices are fully tech-enabled, equipped with high-speed internet connectivity, Wi-Fi, high-end digital equipment, latest office technology, complete security and fire safety measures.

Praveen Prabhat Peter is Country Head, Operations & Business Development, Apeejay Business Centre